Administrative Staff

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Administrative Staff

The administrative staff provides oversight, fundraising, public relations, and educational training support to LifeFlight of Maine.

Steve Babin

Senior Clinical Educator

Bill Cyr

Chief Operating Officer Full Bio

Alicia Day

Aircraft Materials Coordinator
(207) 275-2924

Norman Dinerman, MD

Medical Director Full Bio

Farrah Fidler

HR, Finance, & Compliance Manager c. (207) 356-1331

Chuck Hogan, RN

Director of Clinical Operations Full Bio

Tom Judge

Executive Director Full Bio

Joe Kellner

Chief Financial Officer

Amy McKinley

Administrative Assistant L2/L4

Amber Richards, MD

Associate Medical Director

John Rolfson

Infrastructure Engineer

Dave Saquet, DO

Associate Medical Director

Pete Tilney, DO, EMT-P

Medical Director of QAPI

Marcia Wood

Office Manager L1/L3