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Crew Stories

LifeFlight of Maine’s crew is made up of medical, aviation, communications, and administrative teams that work together seamlessly to provide the highest quality care to our patients.

They work tirelessly 24/7/365, caring for the people of Maine with extraordinary compassion, clinical acumen, and a fierce dedication to service. Since 1998, LifeFlight of Maine teams have cared for more than 33,000 patients, and in the past year, have transported an average of six patients every day. 

Paramedics Jessica Dorgai & Jillian Sheltra

Featured Crew Members:

Paramedics Jessica Dorgai & Jillian Sheltra

Congratulations to paramedics  Jessica Dorgai and Jillian Sheltra who recently completed their orientation and are now full crew members.

Jessica Dorgai

Jessica says she’s been interested in flight medicine for a long time.  After spending ten years working in EMS, she came to LifeFlight looking for a new challenge.    She looks forward to having more tools at her disposal to care for patients in their time of need. 

When she’s not working, Jessica likes to spend time, snowshoeing, surfing, gardening and hanging out with her dog. 

Jillian Sheltra 

Jillian Sheltra joined LifeFlight because of a keen interest in acute injury and illness, and a strong desire to provide  critical care outside a hospital setting. She began working on an ambulance as an undergrad at Bates College in Lewiston and worked full-time as a paramedic for four years before joining LifeFlight.  Jillian is looking forward to learning and implementing new skills.  

When she’s not working, she loves to ski and hike. Jillian hopes to complete all 67 of New England’s 4000 ft mountains in the next few years.