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LifeFlight of Maine is a learning organization, which is one of the core components of being a high-reliability organization. LifeFlight physicians and teams follow the latest clinical research in developing clinical protocols. These protocols are then approved by the Clinical Practice Committee, which is comprised of specialist and emergency physicians from across the state as well as the State EMS Medical and Regional Medical Directors. Concurrent approval is also provided by the Maine EMS Medical Direction and Practice Board (MDPB).

All clinical decisions are guided by best practice standards established through LifeFlight research, external research from around the world, and information received by working with our partners in the Association of Critical Care Transport. This allows LifeFlight to provide the highest standard for critical care transport. 

Below are reports, studies, and papers that have been gathered over the years and have helped LifeFlight provide the best care possible to patients.

LifeFlight of Maine Research

Please check back for more research to be posted here.