Medical Crew

Medical Crew

LifeFlight of Maine nurses and paramedics are required to have years of specialty experience in hospital critical care units. In addition to the critical care experience that each nurse or paramedic brings to the flight team, all new team members receive between 500 and 800 hours of intensive full-time orientation on a wide variety of medical and aviation disciplines from altitude physiology to crew resource management. LifeFlight critical care medical teams are afforded a scope of care and practice that allows all of the initial care in a trauma center hospital emergency department to be delivered directly at the scene.

Norman Dinerman, MD

Medical Director Full Bio

Amber Richards, MD

Associate Medical Director

Dave Saquet, DO

Associate Medical Director Full Bio

Pete Tilney, DO, EMT-P

Medical Director of QA/PI

Chuck Hogan, RN

Nurse, Director of Clinical Operations Full Bio

Brad Alleger

Paramedic, FP-C | Bangor

Craig Barrett

Paramedic | Bangor

Nathan Bassett

Nurse, Clinical Base Manager, CCRN | Bangor

Cameron Bird

Nurse, CCRN, CFRN | Bangor

Sean Brackett

Paramedic, Clinical Base Manager, FP-C | Lewiston/Sanford

Sarah Bowers

Nurse, CCT RN | Bangor

Adam Cafro

Paramedic, FP-C | Lewiston/Sanford

Mike Choate

Paramedic, FP-C, QA/PI Manager | Bangor

Jessica Dorgai

Paramedic, CCEMTP | Bangor

Melissa Dufault

Nurse, CCRN | Lewiston/Sanford

Charlotte Duncan

Paramedic | Bangor

Casey Farrar

Nurse, CCRN | Lewiston/Sanford

Peter Garrett

Paramedic, FP-C | Bangor

Morgan Greene

Nurse, CCRN, Education Lead | Bangor

Geoffrey Greenlaw

Paramedic Orientee | Lewiston/Sanford

Tom Gutow

Nurse, CCRN | Bangor

Jeffrey Hammersmith

Paramedic, FP-C | Lewiston/Sanford

Daniel Horne

Nurse/Paramedic, CEN, CFRN | Bangor

Andrew Hughes

Nurse, CCRN | Bangor

Kayla Jones

Nurse, CFRN

Stephen Leavins

Paramedic, FP-C | Bangor

Eric Mailman

Paramedic, FP-C Asst. Clinical Base Manager | Bangor

Veronica Marzonie

Nurse, CFRN | Bangor

Brandon Mayo

Nurse, CCRN Clinical Safety Coordinator | Lewiston/Sanford

Brent Melvin

Paramedic, FP-C | Bangor

Jared Miller

Nurse/Paramedic, FP-C

Gregory Milliken

Paramedic, FP-C | Bangor

Patrick Perrault

Nurse, CFRN | Lewiston/Sanford

Kelly Robinson

Nurse, CCRN | Bangor

Dave Rudolph

Paramedic, FP-C Asst. Clinical Base Manager | Lewiston/Sanford

Denise Saucier

Nurse, CCRN | Bangor

Jillian Sheltra

Paramedic, FP-C | Lewiston/Sanford

Paul Silva

Paramedic | Lewiston/Sanford

Kelsi Story

Nurse, CCRN | Bangor

Barrett Strout

Nurse, CCRN, CEN | Lewiston/Sanford

Stephen Turgeon

Paramedic | Bangor

Patrick Underwood

Paramedic, FP-C | Lewiston/Sanford