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Education & Training

Educational programs play a crucial role in LifeFlight of Maine’s ability to train the crew and our efforts to improve the skills of EMS providers across the entire system. LifeFlight of Maine is just one link in the chain of survival for critically ill and injured patients. When the entire team of 911 dispatchers, first responders, paramedics, emergency room nurses and physicians, and specialists at regional healthcare centers works together seamlessly, we improve outcomes for critically ill and injured patients.   

LifeFlight’s education and training programs include:

Advanced clinical education and frequent team training help maintain a strong chain of survival and, in addition to attending annual training and education competencies for themselves, the LifeFlight crew also provides critical care training to emergency medical professionals across the state. Many of our standard courses are approved for CME by applicable agencies including Maine EMS.

Request Information

To request a program and find information on costs and requirements, please contact Amy McKinley at 207-795-2878 or

Critical Care Academy

A program dedicated to transforming the critical care workforce in the state, creating a pipeline of highly qualified clinical staff who are fully prepared for flight duty with LifeFlight or for appointments to hospital ICUs or emergency rooms.

Bangor Savings Bank Simulation and Learning Labs

Essential simulations for all high-risk endeavors, focusing on specific skills and procedures, critical thinking as the clinical situation changes, and teamwork/crew resource management.


This intensive, full-day conference combines classroom lectures with hands-on training using the newest patient simulation technology. The conference focuses on pre-hospital assessment and management of critically ill or injured children.

Ground Safety Courses

A no-cost Ground Safety and User Course (GSUC) with Maine EMS-approved CME hours. The program is a combination of didactic and hands-on with the LifeFlight teams and aircraft.