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LifeFlight Careers

LifeFlight of Maine is always looking for highly skilled, motivated, and compassionate professionals across all of our disciplines, clinical care, aviation, and communications. LifeFlight is an elite but humble team that works to support all of Maine’s emergency care EMS and hospital clinicians and public safety professionals with aviation and ground critical care medicine.

LifeFlight is growing, and we are always looking for qualified applicants. Our organization employs more than 100 medical, flight, and office personnel. Positions include:

  • Critical care transport paramedics
  • Critical care transport nurses
  • Helicopter pilots 
  • Fixed-wing pilots 
  • Aircraft maintenance technicians 
  • Various office support positions, including administrative support, billing, human resources, MIS, finance and program management.

LifeFlight of Maine is a consortium-based nonprofit system and the primary provider of critical care transport for the entire state. As the only statewide air medical service, LifeFlight cares for all age patients ranging from neonates to our most elderly residents. In addition to advanced critical care protocols, LifeFlight provides specialty transports such as ECMO and LVAD, NICU, with invasive monitoring, multimode ventilation, bedside laboratory, ultrasound, blood/plasma, and a full pharmacologic formulary.  Using every mode of transport, we cover a huge service area that includes islands, remote woodlands, and the coast of Maine.

Clinical Operations Team

LifeFlight of Maine is a leading-edge critical care transport program with opportunity for growth. Here you can practice medicine at an advanced level in a busy transport environment. Extensive protocols help guide decision-making but also provide a framework for autonomy in an evolved, just, and accountable culture. Our nurse/paramedic teams use a shared governance model. We are a matrix organization, and our flight teams work both in transport and the hospital critical care units.

Our clinical teams care for all ages of patients and all disease types and interface with every hospital critical care unit. They work with advanced physician-level protocols, caring for and transporting patients from neonates to ECMO. The four teams are busy averaging 600-800 transports per year per team while also working in hospital critical care units and undertaking continuous CME including regular high-fidelity simulation located at each of our base sites. 

To help clinicians develop the necessary background to join LifeFlight or looking to improve their own critical care skills, we run two to three intensive Critical Care Academies each year.

As the only statewide critical care air medical service, we take care of everybody, from neonatal patients to our most elderly residents. Using every mode of transport, we cover a huge service area that includes islands, remote woodlands and the coast of Maine. Specialty transports such NICU, ECMO, LVADs, IABP add to the advanced medicine practice.

LifeFlight operates twin-engine full IFR Agusta helicopters from three bases and a King Air 200 airplane in a long-term partnership with SevenBar Aviation. Ground services are partnered with related hospital ambulance agencies.

The Recruitment Process

The recruitment process at LifeFlight of Maine is extensive and multifaceted. We search for highly skilled candidates to contribute to our high-performance teams. Applicants often visit with us on several occasions so that we can evaluate and develop a strong sense of the candidate and to provide medical and aviation personnel applicants, in particular, an opportunity to experience our unique environment. Qualified candidates will have an opportunity to meet crew members, managers, as well as our Medical Directors.

What does it take to be a critical care transport provider?

  • Valid nursing or Paramedic licensure in the state of Maine
  • Minimum of three years’ critical care experience in a unit with advanced patient care capabilities or with a busy ambulance/fire service
  • Valid passport
  • Fit for duty medical evaluation
  • Current certifications in BLS, ACLS, PALS, TNCC, or PHTLS
  • Effective teamwork and interpersonal communication skills

In addition to these requirements, the following must be obtained within 18 months of hire:

  • CFRN or CCRN

How to Apply

Please email Director of Clinical Operations Chuck Hogan if you are interested in applying for a position at LifeFlight.

  • Applications for openings at the LifeFlight Lewiston or Sanford base are available here.
  • Applications for openings at the LifeFlight Bangor base or with the LifeFlight Foundation are available here.

Aviation Operations Team

LifeFlight operates from bases at:

  1. Northern Light Eastern Maine Medical Center in Bangor, Maine
  2. Central Maine Medical Center in Lewiston, Maine
  3. The Bangor International Airport in Bangor, Maine (Fixed Wing)
  4. The Sanford Seacoast Regional Airport in Sanford, Maine

LifeFlight operates twin-engine Leonardo A109SP and E helicopters, as well as a dual pilot crewed King Air B200.  All aircraft are IFR capable, helicopters are NVG equipped, and LifeFlight has built a comprehensive network of weather stations, fuel depots, instrument approach procedures, and performance-based navigation IFR routes.

LifeFlight aviation is provided by a wholly owned subsidiary LifeFlight Aviation Services headquartered at the Bangor International Airport. All pilots and mechanics are employed by LifeFlight Aviation Services. 

For additional information and inquiry regarding open positions, please email Director of Aviation Services, Josh Dickson,

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