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Patient Stories

Our patients and their families are truly the heart of LifeFlight. We often meet those whom we care for on the worst day of their life, and an important part of our healing and resilience is to share their stories. We marvel and are inspired by their courage, determination, and grit as they move forward from that day.

If you are a former LifeFlight of Maine patient and would like to share your story, please contact LifeFlight Foundation Communications Coordinator Amy Sinclair at or (207) 329-7735.

Patient: Caroline Lunn

Presque Isle resident Anne Lunn was 33 weeks pregnant and not feeling quite right. Her baby had been diagnosed with Down syndrome and a complete atrioventricular septal defect. The plan was to deliver the baby at NLH Eastern Maine Medical Center at 39 weeks via C-section.

With six weeks to go, Anne went into labor, and her medical team developed a new plan…

“When I heard that LifeFlight had arrived, I stopped panicking and breathed more easily because I knew my baby would be okay.”