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Donor Stories

When you make a gift to support LifeFlight of Maine, you become part of a very special community. While there are numerous fantastic organizations and opportunities to make a difference in the lives of Mainers, please consider this: LifeFlight connects with every community and every hospital in Maine. We transport (on average) six or seven patients every day. We have cared for 33,000 patients since we began this work in 1998.

Maine is a big state geographically, but a small state in terms of being connected. There is a very good chance that someone close to you has or will need the lifesaving care that LifeFlight provides. And while the aircraft are sleek and the technology and equipment are impressive, the true value of LifeFlight is measured one life at time.

But don’t just take our word for it—click on the stories below to see what inspired some of our wonderful donors to make their commitment to LifeFlight.