Cross for LifeFlight

Cyclists prepare for their Cross for LifeFlight ride

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Cross for LifeFlight

Over the course of Summer 2023, 104 participants completed their own Cross for Lifeflight across all points of Maine, and beyond, raising more than $233,000! Participants crossed more than 4,300 miles by swimming, hiking, biking, running, walking, and paddling.

LifeFlight is deeply grateful for the sponsors who helped make this event happen, the commitment and dedication of participants, and for the generosity of the 1,500 donors who supported them. We hope you take great pride in knowing you’ve done something special to help care for the people of Maine. We hope you’ll join us again next summer.

To submit event feedback or for questions, please contact Ashley McMillan at or 207-357-5508.

Since its inception, the Cross for LifeFlight has become one of LifeFlight of Maine’s most important fundraisers of the year…and we count on people like YOU to join us. To learn more about the event, including sponsorship, partnership, or participation you can be involved with the Cross for LifeFlight, please visit the event website at or contact Ashley MacMillan, the Director of Annual Giving at 207-300-5832.