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From Maine, Across Maine, For Maine

LifeFlight of Maine is the state’s only emergency air ambulance service. LifeFlight’s three helicopters, airplane, and specialty ground vehicles are equipped as fully functioning mobile intensive care units, bringing advanced skills, medical technology, pharmacy, blood, and more—directly to a patient’s side. 

Over the past 25 years, LifeFlight has safely cared for 34,000 patients of all ages—from premature infants and critically injured children, to adults and seniors who need specialty care. The calls for help come from all points in Maine—from mountains, lakes, and coastal islands; from highways, trails, and main streets; and most importantly, from hospital to hospital.

Our iconic helicopters provide far more than just critical care transport. For LifeFlight patients, every minute matters. Their chances of survival and quality of life after a traumatic event depend on LifeFlight’s ability to safely traverse Maine’s vast expanse, rugged terrain, and challenging weather. Getting a patient into the care of a LifeFlight crew quickly gives them the best chance to overcome the geography of time. LifeFlight of Maine makes second chances possible. 

John Rolfson installing a new runway camera on top of the tower at the Brunswick Executive Airport.

Featured Crew Member:
John Rolfson
LifeFlight of Maine’s Aviation Infrastructure Engineer

As LifeFlight of Maine’s Aviation Infrastructure Engineer, it’s Rolfson’s job to maintain the systems and structures that make it safe for pilots to fly and transport critically ill patients across rugged and rural Maine.

For Albion, Maine native John Rolfson “going to work” might mean driving North to the Canadian border, riding an ATV to a mountaintop, or even flying into a dirt airstrip in South America. But wherever he goes, he takes equipment, tools, and as many parts as he can carry. “I learned that the hard way,” Rolfson says.

LifeFlight 25th Anniversary Calendar

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LifeFlight’s vision for Maine is a place in which every person, in every community, has access to critical care and medical transport when needed. LifeFlight does this by working with its EMS partners to transform the critical care transport medicine system into an integrated, high-quality, patient-centered system worthy of the public’s trust.

LifeFlight is a charitable nonprofit organization supported by its originating parent organizations, Northern Light Health and Central Maine Healthcare. LifeFlight’s aviation services are provided by its wholly owned subsidiary, LifeFlight Aviation Services. 

LifeFlight is licensed by the state of Maine, is a participating provider with Medicare, MaineCare, and most major insurance carriers, and maintains compliance with applicable state and federal laws. 

For information on compliance with 49 U.S.C. Section 43202, please visit DOT Aviation Consumer Protection Division. For information on the No Surprises Act, please see our Patient Resources Page.