Outdoor Recreation & Tourism

Boat dock surrounded by kayaks and paddleboards on the Maine coast

Maine’s Invisible Safety Net for Outdoor Recreation & Tourism

LifeFlight of Maine serves as the invisible safety net for Maine’s outdoor recreation and tourism industry.  In every season and in every corner of Maine, the LifeFlight crew is standing by, ready to answer the call for help.  These calls come not just from community hospitals, but also from islands, mountains, lakes, trails and across all points in Maine.  We love Maine for the rugged and remote landscape and abundant adventures that await, but those same features also make it especially challenging and complicated to deliver emergency care.

Whether you are in Maine for a day, a week, a summer, or a lifetime, you can adventure more safely and confidently knowing that LifeFlight makes connecting you to the care you need possible.  LifeFlight collaborates with the Maine Warden Service and EMS partners around the state, to create “a chain of survival” to respond to even the most complex scenarios.

Before you head out on the water, snow, trail or wherever you go, please remember to alert someone of your plans and expected return date and time; bring water, food, extra clothing, and a light; and make responsible decisions to keep you and those who may be called to help you as safe as possible.

Remember to look for one of LifeFlight’s Remote landing Zones in your area.

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