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Remote Access Project

In an emergency, a good plan drives performance. While LifeFlight lands at emergency scenes with temporary landing zones regularly, establishing known landing zones with year-round access improves safety and continuity of care. LifeFlight maintains a database of thousands of remote landing zones around the state.

When an accident or other critical injury or illness threatens life or limb, there is no substitute for quickly mobilized, highly skilled emergency medical providers working together to ensure patients receive the care they need. LifeFlight’s specially trained paramedics and critical care nurses bring intensive care skills and equipment directly to the patient, and 20% of the time, that means directly to the scene of an accident.

Landing Zone Registry: Town & County Fire Department / Recreation / Industry

The forms below are designed to collect landing zone information into a master database for cataloging purposes. This database will be evaluated regularly, and follow-up emails or phone calls may be made to check the status of the site. The database and website also allow all emergency response personnel access to LifeFlight’s landing zone information.

If applicable, you can also download a copy of the landowner liability release and send it to:

LifeFlight of Maine
Remote Access Project
189 Odlin Road, Building 600
Bangor, ME 04401

When providing GPS coordinates for the site, please use Datum WGS84, and degree minutes / decimal minutes format. Use a separate form for each landing zone.

If the landing zone meets certain criteria, a sign will be supplied for the landing zone.

If you wish to provide photographs or satellite imagery of the location, attach them here or email them to If you do include photographs, please take them from the center out, one photo each to the north, south, east, and west. Also please include any potential hazards such as wires, trees, posts, rocks, etc.