Patient Stories

Missy McCann and Jenn Popper share a hug

Jenn Popper

Jenn Popper returned to Maine to meet the flight nurse who helped save her life.

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Matt Kopyt and Ryan Chiasson pose with a snow-covered ski mountain in the background.

Matt Kopyt

Matt Kopyt was prepared for most winter hiking events, but not for a fall from a fire tower…

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Josiah Babcock

Josiah missed a change in trail conditions, and went into the woods at over 70 mph…

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Joey Jordan smiles widely beneath his helmet while sitting on an ATV

Joey Jordan

The ATV rolled over on Joey, landing on top of him and crushing his lungs and heart…

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Howard Brown

Howard was riding his motorcycle home from work in Waterville when he was hit…

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Doug Mirts

When Tonya came across Doug, he had collapsed from an apparent cardiac arrest…

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Don Dunham

After fighting a brush fire, Don could not catch his breath and experienced severe chest pain…

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Dave Ryan

Two minutes into the routine phone call with his wife, Dave stopped responding…

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Caroline Lunn

Patient Story: Caroline Lunn The People & Places Behind Caroline’s Story Pilot: Kirk Donovan | CommSpec: Terri Smith NICU Nurses: Ashley Wilcox & Christina Vanadestine | Medic: Brent Melvin L1 Helicopter A.R. Gould Hospital Presque Isle to NLH Easter Maine Medical Center, Bangor On April 8, 2020, Presque Isle resident Anne Lunn was 33 weeks pregnant and not feeling […]

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Alexis Michaud

It was an ordinary day when Jen Michaud noticed her daughter’s speech was irregular…

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