Patient Stories

A Second Chance on Life: Stories from LifeFlight Patients

Over the past 25 years, LifeFlight has cared for more than 37,000 patients. Working together with our EMS and hospital emergency and intensive care providers, we work to change time and geography, to reset the clock for a patient suddenly in need with their life at stake. Here are three vignettes out of thousands of LifeFlight stories through the years.

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Paige at work as an EMT.

Paige Smith

“I want to care for my patients the way LifeFlight took care of me,” says EMT Paige Smith.

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RN Cam Bird and Paramedic Brad Alleger meeting Mike Tammaro

Michael Tammaro

“I said to my girlfriend, you gotta get me to the hospital. I think I’m in big trouble,” shared Mike Tammaro…

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Sudie with Peter back to good health

Peter Blanchard

“I think the reason I made it is that all the pieces came together at the right time, including the helicopter,” reflected Peter Blanchard.

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Sawyer holding baby Olivia for the first time

Sawyer Jacobs

“We couldn’t be more grateful for this second chance,” said Jeanette of her son Sawyer.

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Eugene & wife Tiffany with ultrasound of first child on the way

Eugene Janvrin

“I remember coming to, and people were yelling and doing chest compressions on me,” says Eugene.

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Cheryl Ann & Tom Roy with twins Abigail and Elizabeth

Cheryl Ann Roy

Cheryl Ann Roy of Calais had to get to Bangor for an emergency C-section …and a Nor’easter was on the way.

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Megan and Kyra day flanked by LifeFlight crew and founder Tom Judge at the Bangor Base, Photo by Ashley L. Conti

The Day Family

Megan said simply: “I know neither Kyra or I would be here without LifeFlight. I’ll never stop saying thank you.”

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Cote Hadlock with family

Cote Hadlock

“As soon as I hit the ground, I knew something was wrong,” Cote remembers. “My legs were numb.”

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Craig & Alexa Jackman with sons Connor & Chase

Connor Jackman

“I remember how compassionate the LifeFlight crew was,” said Alexa. “They stayed to check in on us long after we arrived at the hospital.”

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