LifeFlight Leads Ground Safety Course at the Appalachian Mountain Club’s Slapjack Bike Festival

by Kate O’Halloran

This spring, members of The LifeFlight Foundation team attended the Maine Governor’s Conference on Tourism, where we learned that Maine attracted 15.4 million visitors in 2022. Increasingly, those visitors want to do more than shop and eat. They want to “experience” Maine and be outdoors.

LifeFlight of Maine has always been an invisible safety net for all those who live and explore in Maine, but some exciting new collaborations are making LifeFlight more visible.

One of these new relationships is with the Maine-based ecolodges of the Appalachian Mountain Club (AMC), which recently convened AMC leadership from various Huts for LifeFlight’s Ground Safety Course. The course included a helicopter landing and was organized and facilitated by Kate O’Halloran, executive director of The LifeFlight Foundation, flight paramedic Paul Silva, rotor wing pilot TJ Wesoloski, and infrastructure engineer John Rolfson.

The crew joined the AMC Hut guests for dinner and delivered a general LifeFlight of Maine presentation to a lively audience who were at the Medawisla Hut for the first annual AMC Slapjack Bike Festival.

We are grateful to Jenny Ward, AMC’s Director of Brand Experience, for working with us. We are excited to see what other opportunities arise from this fantastic collaboration.