Veterans Day 2023: Honoring Those Who Served

At LifeFlight of Maine, we are very proud of our team. Every person at LifeFlight has chosen to serve their community and the State of Maine, and about a third of our colleagues have served their country as a member of the armed forces.

On Veterans Day, we recognize and honor all those who are serving and have served in the military.

Helicopter Pilots

Kevin Beaulieu – Marines
Shane Burkhart – Army
David Burr – Navy
Peter Cartmell – Army
Larry Cockrell – Navy
Kirk Donovan – Army
Abel Gleason – Army and Air Force (currently deployed)
Karl Hatlemark – Norwegian Army, NATO Ally
Andrew John – Army
Tom McDevitt – Coast Guard
Wayne Silva – Army
Dustin Smiley – Navy

Fixed Wing Pilots

Shane Dow – Air Force
Mike McGovern – Army
Kris Quam – Air Force

Aviation Maintenance Technicians

Darby Amelly – Navy
Scott Clark – Marines
Randy Collins – Air Force
Alex Dence – Army
Chris Dence – Army
Alex Fulton – Army
Dan Richard – Navy
Tyler Walsh – Marines

Medical Staff

Steve Babin, Senior Clinical Educator – Air Force
Craig Barrett, Flight Paramedic – Army
Cameron Bird, Flight Nurse – Army/Navy
Jim Boyle, EMT – Marines
Tommy Gallant, Flight Paramedic – Army
Jefferey Hammersmith, Flight Paramedic – Army
Chuck Hogan, Chief Clinical Officer – Air Force
Greg Milliken, Flight Paramedic – Army
Barrett Strout, Flight Nurse – Army


Bill Bradley – Navy
Jon Sanford – Army