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Donor Story: The Elowe Family

Through the years, many grateful patients and their families have expressed their thanks through donations to the LifeFlight Foundation. Gratitude is often a natural extension and part of the healing process, and as seen through the many comments and letters of appreciation to the LifeFlight crew, former patients and their families want to ensure that LifeFlight is there for many generations to come. 

“In 2004, our 11-year-old son Josh was in a terrible skiing accident in New Hampshire that resulted in several life-threatening injuries. The LifeFlight team was there for Josh that day; not only by transporting him to Portland, but also in providing life-saving, critical care during the flight so that the surgeons were able to do their job. Every day since then we have celebrated the opportunity to watch Josh grow into the fine young man he is today, and we are forever grateful to the dedicated team at LifeFlight for that gift.” 

Because of the critical care Josh received that winter day, the Elowe family has been an extremely loyal supporter of LifeFlight. Every year since 2004, the family makes a donation to the LifeFlight Foundation and remembers how lucky they are. 

“Why do we support LifeFlight every year? It’s really very simple for us: to thank them for what they did for Josh and our entire family, and to pay it forward so others may also be assured of a bright future.”

Brian, Liz, Josh, and Jess ElowePortland, Maine