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Donor Story: Maggy Wyckoff

Living in Farmington, Maggy Wyckoff knows firsthand how important LifeFlight of Maine is to her community, as she frequently hears the aircraft fly over her home. Maggy has been a very loyal donor to LifeFlight for over 10 years and supports LifeFlight by volunteering at fundraising events across Maine. Every summer, you can find Maggy with a clipboard volunteering at LifeFlight’s annual golf tournament, the LifeFlight Emergency Care Open. She also volunteered at the Cross for LifeFlight, the organization’s signature self-directed outdoor challenge for individuals and teams that relies on peer-to-peer fundraising and sponsors to raise critically needed funds for LifeFlight. Maggy plays a key role ensuring both events run smoothly and truly enjoys spending time with and supporting the LifeFlight of Maine crew and LifeFlight Foundation staff.

“I support LifeFlight because of the far-reaching work they do taking care of critical patients and providing important training all over the state. Living in rural, central Maine I have a scanner and know how many times they transport folks who are in car accidents or are in trouble deep in the woods. They work seamlessly with their partners, fire departments, and ambulance services all over the state to provide much-needed emergency critical care.”

Maggy also leaves a special message in her yard for LifeFlight in the winter. The flight path to Farmington’s Franklin Memorial Hospital crosses right over her property, and every winter Maggy creates snowshoe Celtic spiral designs for the crew to enjoy from the air.

“The helicopters fly right over my house—I like to create these designs to honor LifeFlight and let them know someone is thinking of them as they fly overhead.”