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Donor Story: Horch Roofing

The employees of Horch Roofing have a strong voice when it comes to their organization’s community support and donations across Maine. Employees are surveyed and the Horch Roofing Responsible Giving Committee was established so that each team member has the opportunity to directly participate in the selection process for their areas of annual focus and charitable contributions.

“I live in the flight path, about a 1/2 mile by air to Pen Bay Medical Center in Rockport. I can hear and see the helicopter every time it takes off and lands at Pen Bay, and I know that every time, LifeFlight is working hard to save a life!”

Tim Matero, Sales Estimator

Emergency critical care continues to rise to the top, and Horch Roofing and its employees have been proud supporters of LifeFlight since 2013. Through event sponsorship and donations, the employees of Horch, located in Warren and South Portland, see a direct tie to where they live, work, and play and LifeFlight of Maine.

“Over 10 years ago I was introduced to the great crew at LifeFlight by a friend. His passion and excitement for their mission spurred me to learn more about the critical services LifeFlight provides across the state of Maine. Over the years I, along with the employees of Horch Roofing, have become passionate supporters of LifeFlight. 

Peter Horch, Owner and CEO