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Donor Story: Cranberry Isles

The remote community of Cranberry Isles in Hancock County is one of LifeFlight’s biggest Town Campaign supporters, donating more than $24,000 over the past 16 consecutive years. This small but mighty community has a population of approximately 141, per the 2010 U.S. Census, and they value and support the LifeFlight mission as if it’s one of their own. In fact, over the years, the Cranberry Isles Rescue Service and LifeFlight crews have worked together on eight total scene calls to the Isle. We owe our gratitude to the town and residents of Cranberry Isles for their steadfast support.

“LifeFlight of Maine is an integral part of providing emergency services to the Town of Cranberry Isles. The Cranberry Isles Rescue Service operates two ambulances that are staffed solely by volunteer EMTs with support from islanders who step up to offer transport by boat to the mainland. The Northeast Harbor Ambulance Service meets our responders at the marina and transports our patients to the hospital. While this model works well for most calls, we occasionally need advanced life support and rapid transport to a definitive care facility.”

Katelyn Damon, Cranberry Isles Rescue Service Chief

“LifeFlight helps provide that fundamental service to our community in a quick, compassionate manner. We cannot explain the relief that is felt when we hear the helicopter approaching and speak to the Pilot on the state fire radio frequency. LifeFlight offers peace of mind to our responders and our community. The fact that outstanding advanced patient care is accessible and available to our rural area is a service that is worth more than words could ever express. Thank you.”

Mary Schuch, Cranberry Isles Rescue Service Assistant Chief