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Donor Story: Bangor Savings Bank

Representatives of Bangor Savings Bank and LifeFlight pose in front of a LifeFlight airplane
 LifeFlight and Bangor Savings Bank representatives at the LifeFlight Bangor base for the official opening of the Bangor Savings Bank Simulation & Learning Labs 

With more than 50 branch locations in Maine and 950 employees, Bangor Savings Bank knows the importance of giving back and investing in initiatives that make Maine communities more prosperous, more livable and more vibrant. Through their Foundation and Corporate Giving Program, Bangor Savings Bank has been a generous and loyal LifeFlight donor for over ten years. 

Most recently, the Bangor Savings Bank Foundation made a significant $250,000 grant to support connected, learning and simulation labs at all three LifeFlight bases. The labs create an important opportunity for LifeFlight to strengthen its clinical education program which supports internal training as well as training for hospitals, emergency medical services, and public safety agencies across the state.