Aviation Technology

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Aviation Technology

Maine has some of the most complicated aviation weather in the country. Safety is LifeFlight of Maine’s first priority and the organization has built nationally recognized comprehensive aviation infrastructure including:

  • Weather reporting stations
  • Global positioning satellite navigation and communications
  • Point in space precision instrument approach and departure procedures
  • Precision performance-based navigation flight routes incorporating satellite technology and air traffic controllers at Bangor International Airport, the Portland Jetport, and the FAA Boston Air Traffic Control Center.  

LifeFlight’s state-of-the-art aircraft have the capability of a modern jetliner improving safety and reliability for patients. In addition to the advanced navigation including a 4 axis autopilot, the LifeFlight aircraft have on-board weather radar, the ability to access weather reporting, satellite phones, and military night vision.  

Currently, LifeFlight is working with the FAA on new enhanced vision technology and has started work on the connected helicopter allowing real-time secure transmission of clinical data from the clinical teams to specialist physicians.