Funding Priorities

Funding Priorities

Supported by the generosity of the many friends of LifeFlight of Maine, the Foundation raises funds for:

  • new and replacement aircraft; 
  • medical equipment; 
  • statewide aviation infrastructure and improvements; and 
  • various training and education programs that strengthen not just our own clinical acumen and expertise but that of critical care providers from around the state.

We understand that the best gifts come when we work closely with our donors to identify and understand how our current priorities align with their areas of interest. We believe in building long-term, sustainable, and mutually beneficial partnerships that benefit the people of Maine.

We also understand that each donor—be they a person, a community, an organization, or a foundation—has a finite set of available resources and their own unique set of values and parameters that guide their philanthropy.  We enjoy working with each entity to explore what gift feels right, from which point we work together to see if we can find a way to make it happen.  We want every donor to feel truly great about supporting LifeFlight—because they feel appreciated and they understand the real and tangible impact of their giving. 

How You Can Help

For more information about how you can help the Foundation meet these goals, please contact:

Kate O’Halloran
Executive Director, the LifeFlight Foundation
207-314-5230 /