LifeFlight unveils new simulation lab to sharpen skills (WABI 5)

(WABI) BANGOR, Maine —  When the call for help goes out, LifeFlight of Maine answers.

But when they’re not saving lives all across the Pine Tree State, they’re keeping their skills sharp at the all-new simulation and learning lab.

The in-house labs officially opened this week in Bangor, Auburn and Sanford, the beginning of a statewide training connection.

“This will be paramedics, nurses, doctors all working together in a community, said LifeFlight Executive Director Thomas Judge. “And this way, we can do it in virtual communities simultaneously all across the state.”

It’s just another day at the office for critical care flight nurse Kelsi Story.

“Our trainings are constant, they’re ongoing,” Story said. “It’s pushing us to be better so we can then translate that to the people that we’re taking care of.”

And that training is the real deal.

The quote of the day? “Perfect practice makes perfect.”

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