LifeFlight discusses “Chain of Survival” at the 2023 Maine Outdoor Economy Summit

LifeFlight of Maine is an important partner to the outdoor recreation and tourism industry here in Maine. As one vital link in the chain of survival, LifeFlight provides a critically important safety net for all those who love to explore this rugged and beautiful state.

Our team was proud to speak about this chain of survival at the recent Maine Outdoor Economy Summit (MOES), which was hosted by Maine Outdoor Brands and the Maine Office of Outdoor Recreation from November 29 through December 1, 2023. The event took place in Rockland. LifeFlight was one of the sponsors.

Bill Cyr, COO of LifeFlight, sat on a panel with Josh Bubier representing the Maine Warden Service, Michael Wejchert of Mountain Rescue Service, Jenny Ward from the Appalachian Mountain Club, Chip Noble from Garmin, and David Berez of Maine Sport Outfitters. They discussed how to properly prepare for adventures into the back country, how to activate emergency response when needed, and what to expect from the many EMS and first responder services that work together to find, rescue, and care for those in an emergency situation in remote areas.

The experts on this panel represent key partnerships for LifeFlight, and we were grateful for the opportunity to share insights and expertise with them. All of these organizations play a role in keeping people safe and caring for them in an emergency. Preparedness keeps people safe and minimizes emergencies, and strong partnerships and collaboration save lives when an emergency situation does arise.

This is the second year this summit occurred. As this industry continues to expand and become increasingly central to the Maine economy, gathering, sharing ideas, and building partnerships will continue to grow in importance for LifeFlight and for all those who attended. “It’s a place to create new partnerships, network with old friends, and highlight the importance of outdoor recreation for Maine’s economy overall and its deeply-rooted connection to the health and well-being of our people, places, and communities,” the event website states.

During one session, four high school students were interviewed about their interests and aspirations. At least 300 people were in the audience, representing many of the most iconic and popular employers in the state — brewers, apparel and gear manufacturers, Maine Guides, axe forgers, fly rod makers, sports outfitters. When asked what he wanted to do after school, one of the students said without hesitation, “become a flight paramedic for LifeFlight of Maine.” Our team made dozens of connections during the summit, and we are glad that this young man was one of them.

We hope all who explore the Maine outdoors do so safely and are prepared, but when the unexpected occurs, we are proud of the highly-skilled and well-organized chain of survival that stands ready to help, every day and night of the year.

LifeFlight Foundation staff members Ashley MacMillan and Anna Dugal
LifeFlight Foundation staff members Ashley MacMillan and Anna Dugal at the MOES conference.
LifeFlight table at MOES conference in Rockland, November 2023.
The LifeFlight of Maine table at the MOES conference.