Public Notice: Community Engagement Meetings

LifeFlight of Maine, recognized nationally and internationally for safety, quality, and innovation, is in the midst of a comprehensive project to improve aviation medicine. LifeFlight is working with the FAA developing a national demonstration Low-Level Instrument Helicopter Flight Routes (IFR) project joining LifeFlight’s existing instrument flight procedures at hospitals, islands, and airports with a flight route structure enhancing LifeFlight’s safety and reliability in serving communities across Maine.  

Maine has complex aviation weather and LifeFlight, the Maine Department of Transportation, and the Maine Department of Public Safety have been working cooperatively for many years on aviation infrastructure to enhance safety. These flight route structures resemble in the sky major road travel corridors including Rte. 1, I-295, I-95, Rte. 3, and Rte. 9 and will extend to the western communities of Maine.  

For Maine this means significantly improved access to time critical emergency care.  The ‘next gen’ precision route structure supports LifeFlight’s fleet of state of the art helicopters to safely provide transport of critically ill and injured patients from community hospitals and rural areas. The project simultaneously improves rural emergency medical care in Maine and allows the FAA to develop a repeatable process for precision routes nationwide. 

To inform and engage the community, LifeFlight will hold three community meetings at our base sites. The meetings will have both in person and zoom options.

The meetings are scheduled from 6:30-7:45pm on:  

Sept. 20th. LifeFlight 4 Base Sanford Seacoast Regional Airport, 29 Presidential Lane, Sanford.
Sept. 21st. LifeFlight 2 Base, Auburn-Lewiston Airport, 49 White Hangar Drive, Auburn
Sept. 22nd. LifeFlight 1/3 Base, Bangor International Airport, 189 Odlin Road, Bangor 

To register and receive an invitation and link please contact: Amy McKinley 

Upcoming community engagement meetings 6:30-7:45pm
9/20 LifeFlight Base Sanford
9/21 LifeFlight Base Auburn-Lewiston
9/22 LifeFlight Base, Bangor
join us virtually or in person