Amos Winters raises support for LifeFlight in honor of his grandfather, Capt. James Barstow, III

Amos Winters cannot remember when he first heard about LifeFlight of Maine, but he certainly was familiar with the green and gold helicopters before his grandfather, Captain James Barstow, III, was transported on one. Capt. Barstow, who passed away earlier this year, lived in Tenants Harbor and was the captain and owner of Monhegan Boat Line. He and his family were also longtime friends and supporters of LifeFlight.

Amos turned 11 this past June. Most boys with a birthday during the summer between 5th and 6th grade would ask for a new fishing rod, or a hockey stick, or a video game of some sort. Amos asked his friends and family for donations to LifeFlight of Maine in honor of his grandfather. “I decided to do that because my grandfather got LifeFlighted, and I wanted to help other people who need LifeFlight,” Amos said during a recent conversation. “I still got a couple of presents,” he admitted, “but we raised a lot of money for LifeFlight.” He raised more than $500.

Every donation to LifeFlight of Maine makes a difference. These dollars support LifeFlight’s advanced fleet of aircraft, the aviation infrastructure to fly safely to every community in the state, and the medical equipment needed to provide the best possible care to people of all ages. LifeFlight is committed to being there when and where needed, and the people of Maine make this possible. Each person’s contribution ensures this service continues to be available, including that of a precocious sixth grader looking to honor his grandfather’s memory.

Amos Winters with Tom Judge, founding executive director of LifeFlight of Maine
Amos Winters with Tom Judge, founding executive director of LifeFlight of Maine. Photo courtesy of Jen Winters