LifeFlight Provides Critical Care Transport Throughout Maine

LifeFlight’s vision for Maine is a place in which every person, in every community, has access to critical care and medical transport when they need it.

We do this by working with our EMS partners to transform the critical care transport medicine system into an integrated, high quality, patient-centered system worthy of the public’s trust.

We work with our parent organizations, Central Maine Healthcare and Eastern Maine Healthcare, and our aviation operator, Era Helicopters, to achieve this mission and maintain a strong commitment to safety.

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Teamwork in wilderness areas saves lives

If you head northwest from Lewiston, and drive nearly all the way to the Canadian border, you’ll find one of Maine’s most unique and isolated communities. Rangeley is well known for its crystal clear lakes, picturesque mountains and bountiful outdoor recreation opportunities.
But when you’re in Rangeley, or any of the 800 square miles of mountains and wilderness covered by Rangeley Fire Rescue and NorthStar Ambulance, you’re in one of the most remote communities in Maine. Sometimes two hours or more away from help, out here locals take responsibility for each other in a way that’s uncommon in less remote areas.

Linda Bean’s Maine Lobster family commits $3 million to a third helicopter for LifeFlight

Linda Bean’s Maine Lobster has pledged $3 million to LifeFlight’s campaign for a third helicopter, half of the total needed for the aircraft. The Port Clyde- and Rockland-based business cites LifeFlight’s dedication to excellence, emergency readiness and proven success as reasons why Bean has chosen this holiday season to make a significant gift and inspire others to do the same.

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Pediatric Patients on the Edge SMH


Stephens Memorial Hospital, Norway, ME

Hands-on practice for low volume, high risk patients. This intensive full day conference combines classroom lecture with hands-on training using the newest patient simulation technology.

All levels of emergency medical providers are welcome, with a curriculum focused toward physicians, nurses and paramedics. Faculty for the program include pediatric intensivists from Maine Medical Center and LifeFlight medical crew.

Educators for Life Bowl-a-Thon


Educators for Life is a fundraising effort to benefit LifeFlight of Maine, a statewide critical care transport service. In the spirit of giving back, a fundraising effort was created in honor of Melanie Lajoie’s miraculous story of recovery after a near-fatal car accident in May of 2010 in which LifeFlight helped save her life. As the fifth anniversary of Melanie’s accident approaches, help us reach her goal of raising $5,000 for LifeFlight, to support the organization that saves Mainers all across the state every day!